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CMA’s motto has always been “profit the mind” and CMA has always worked towards making this motto a reality for management fraternity

Network of Management Professionals

CMA has a large network of management professionals and executives from varied industries.

The Calcutta Management Association with 1000+ members, all belonging to the management fraternity is an association of persons rich in resources and contemporary ideas. It is a perfect platform for learning, networking and growing. Our strengths are:

Training & Development
Imparting contemporary knowledge
Sharing Knowledge
Growing with peer network


Seminars, Webinars, Quizzes, and Conferences & Conventions

Training & Development

Workshops and sessions – both general and In-House

Build Network

Interactive Sessions, articles on newsletters & Journals, Get-togethers & forums

What CMA Offers

CMA has a vast menu of management education, courses, Training & Development Workshops, Webinars, Seminars, etc. to choose for.

"Hiring a consultant firm can help businesses improve performance and make necessary changes to achieve success"

Founder & CEO
Perk Smith

Meet a few Prominent personalities and Members of CMA

Mr J P Chowdhary

 Executive Chairman, Titagarh Wagons Ltd

Mr Aniruddha Lahiri

Founder Chairman, Trishul Engineering Solutions & former President, The Chatterjee Group

Mr S B Ganguly,

Former Executive Chairman & CEO, Exide Industries


Managing Director, Patton Group

Mr Mayank Jalan

Chairman & Managing Director, Keventer Agro

Mr Dhruba Mukherjee

Chief Executive Officer, ABP Pvt Ltd

Why CMA?

CMA is one of the oldest Management Associations in the country with contemporary thinking and values. CMA can offer you the best of services under one roof with best value for money proposition

Events & Network

The past events of CMA & Upcoming events are enlisted here.

Experience & Training

To know how you can benefit from the vast pool of resources of CMA.

Education & Connect

The courses and proposals, CMA is connected with is provided here.

A Few Prominent Corporate Members Of CMA

What are members are saying

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Producing ideas is the main way to grow the economy

Producing ideas is the main way to grow the economy

Producing ideas is the main way to grow the economy

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